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Congo Brands is at the epicenter of where consumer demand meets product development. E-commerce becomes the laboratory for consumer feedback and serves as a data pool for future retail endeavors. 

step 1

Consumer Feedback

Partnering with the lead influencers of any industry allows for an inside look at what consumers truly desire. This type of input can only be derived from the personal relationships people create as they interact with the influencers each and every day.

step 2

PRODUCT Ideation

Finding out what consumers are looking for is crucial, but the person behind that product has to resonate with the audience. With social trends changing by the day, products must be representative of the influencer’s viewpoints and quality standards. This also helps to determine the marketing points behind the product ie: Fair Trade, Organic, Natural.

step 3


Simply put, a lot of phenomenal products fail. Not for the lack of utility or function but rather their brand appeal. Knowing your audience and what they look for in a brand is of upmost importance. All the little things matter from logos and color palettes all the way to flavor and product names. 



Product Development

We create high quality products that consumers resonate with.


With over 120,000 sf of warehouse space and hundreds of freight partners, we ensure the products are stored and get to consumers safely. 

Customer Service

With dedicated account reps we ensure that all messages and concerns are addressed promptly via all communication channels. 


We help to create and establish brand guidelines that consumers recognize in any field of trade.


With hundreds of field reps, rest assured that all products and displays will look good in any retail environment.

Talent Management

It’s 2020, influencers are the backbone of many businesses. We make sure communication with them is always top of mind. 

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