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Can you help me build a brand?

Choosing the right people to work with is just as important as the product itself. With that said we evaluate potential partners extensively. For a chance to work with us you can email to be reviewed.

Where can I find your brands?

Our brands are sold in multiple retailers across the country ranging from Kroger, Walmart, Sephora, Target, Amazon and many more. Please visit each individual brand's website to purchase online and for additional information on store locations.

Where do I reach out for business inquiries?

Each company in Congo Brands is treated independently. So any inquiries will be funneled to the appropriate contact at the corresponding company.

Can I invest in Congo Brands?

No, Congo Brands is comprised of companies who are privately held. Each brand chooses not to take on debt or outside investment so that growth is controlled from within.

Who owns Congo Brands?

Congo Brands is owned by Trey Steiger and Max Clemons. It was developed to create synergies between the independent brands they've co founded over the years. Brands in the Congo portfolio may have ownership beyond Trey and Max, however, they do provide key insights into the operations of each brand.

Product Development

Congo specializes in creating products that consumers resonate with. This is done through data analysis and working in field to get real time consumer feedback.


Great products fail all the time because of poor branding. Congo strives to create and establish brand guidelines that consumers recognize in any field of trade.

Supply Chain and Logistics

With over 120,000 sf of warehouse space and hundreds of freight partners, Congo ensures that products are stored safely and get to consumers efficiently. Congo also manages the flow of product from raw materials all the way to finished goods.


With hundreds of field reps, rest assured that all products and displays will exceed your expectations in any retail environment.

Talent Management

In 2020 influencers have become the backbone of many businesses' marketing strategies. Congo takes recruitment and communication with influencers very seriously. So seriously, that it's become a specialty.