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The biggest gains come from your last rep, set or mile, and Alani Nu is here to help you reach those finish lines. Find your strength inside with delicious supplements from Alani Nu, created just for you


Alani Nu



project details

Alani’s Co Founder Katy Hearn spent years working with women all across the world and built relationships on both honesty and respect. When asked, she didn’t feel comfortable recommending any other supplement brands on the market. So what’s a strong business women to do? She set out to build a brand that met all of those women’s needs. This was risky from the outside looking in as no brand had really went out and specifically targeted the women’s sports nutrition market. Much less have the vigor to take that brand and launch it in the largest nutrition retailer in the world (GNC). 

The fun and unique branding of Alani Nu must have been just what the doctor ordered. From day 1 Alani Nu became one of the top brands in GNC and continuously won the hearts of consumers by providing new innovation such as Balance, Energy Drinks, Fit Snacks and much more. There’s an old adage that says if you build it they will come. In Katy’s case the consumers were already there and by simply listening to what they wanted, she built a brand around them.